10 Cheapest States to Live in 2020

Here are the cheapest States based solely on housing, taxes, utilities, insurance, groceries and other living expenses.

10). Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Wyoming may have the smallest state population in the nation (And it’s getting even smaller with an avg. of -5,000 residents per year.), but the savings are BIG. Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is under $1,000 and the electric bills are insanely cheap. Although, the median home value of $250,000 is slightly above the national average of $248,000, but Wyoming makes up for it as the MOST tax-friendly state in the U.S.. The Effective Property tax is just 0.61%, sales tax is just 4%, and there’s NO state income tax. And the price really is a bargain considering the low crime rates, great schools, and top notch health care.

Just stay out of Jackson Hole and things shouldn’t be too expensive.

9). New Mexico

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, NM

If you’re an ice cube connoisseur with 17 freezers, or if you ARE an ice cube who leaves their air conditioner on at arctic temperatures year round, New Mexico is definitely worth considering. I mean, it’s got the cheapest electric bills in the U.S.. The Land of Enchantment also has a pretty reasonable median home value of just $206,000. Not to mention the dirt cheap groceries and gas prices.

But there’s a reason everything’s so cheap here: New Mexico is also one of the poorest and most dangerous states in America.

8). Kansas

Wheat field, KS

With a median home value of just $150,000, an average utility bill of just $92 a month, cheap groceries, and a gallon of gasoline costing just $1.74, Kansas is cheap, but there’s a reason Dorothy wanted to leave this place. Then again… she did come back… maybe because the rent prices in Oz were outrageous compared to the average $800 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment in Wichita. Sure, it’s not the emerald city, but it does have decent city amenities.

7). Alabama

Flint River, Huntsville, AL

The median home value across the state is just $140,000 and it’s only $65,000 in Birmingham! Groceries and gas are pretty cheap too. But other than the inexpensive housing, groceries, and gas, the negatives definitely outweigh the positives. The Yellowhammer State has one of the worst economies, the worst quality of life, the worst education, and an extremely high poverty rate… but at least the Barbeque is really good… and cheap!

6). West Virginia

Grist Mill, Babcock State Park, WV

Nestled among the gorgeous Appalachians, there are a lot of creepy towns with a lot of creepy residents, so you might feel some weird vibes. Well, unless you’re creepy too, in which case, you’ll fit right in! Heck, you could even move to a town named Odd. All these undesirable towns may just be the reason West Virginia also has the lowest median home value in the country at just $104,000. Although, gas prices, groceries, taxes, and health insurance costs are above the national average. The Mountain State also has the highest depression and obesity rates, so maybe keep scrolling for better options.

5). Missouri

St. Louis, MO

A gallon of gas averages $1.71 here, which is great  cuz you can fill up your tank and keep going… fast especially through Kansas City and St. Louis which are 2 of the most dangerous cities in the country. If you do decide to stay, at least the median home value is just $162,000 and if you don’t want to stay that long, the median rent for a two bedroom apartment is under $900 a month. The cost of groceries and utility bills are well below the national average, but so are the schools and job opportunities.

4). Michigan

Lake Michigan, MI

It’s pretty obvious that Detroit is one of the cheapest cities in America with a median home price of just $36,000 (no that’s not a typo) But considering the terrible infrastructure, you would probably rather live in Lansing or Grand Rapids which have median home values of $98,000 and $183,000 respectively. But no matter what Michigan city you prefer, the statewide median home value is just $174,000. The food and utilities aren’t as cheap as some of the other states on this list, but Michigan is also one of the most beautiful states, so the extra cost is worth it.

3). Arkansas

White River, AR

Arkansas has the lowest overall housing costs in the U.S.. The average resident spends less than $750 a month on their rent or mortgage and the median home value is just $128,000. Gas, utilities, groceries, health insurance, child care, and pretty much every other thing you can think of cost much less than the national average here. Although, this is countered by the fact that the wages are the 2nd lowest of any state, not to mention the awful schools, high crime rates, and 19% poverty rate.

If you wanna move to a dirt cheap state that ends in “Ansas,” We recommend Kansas and that’s saying something…

2). Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma joins Wyoming and Michigan as one of the better states to actually live in on this list. Oklahoma City and Tulsa are pretty dirt cheap. The necessities like Groceries, electricity, and gas are incredibly affordable and the housing is even better. The median home value in Tulsa is just 127,000$ and in OKC it’s still under $140,000. Even the SUPER rich and fancy suburbs like Edmond and Broken Arrow are affordable. And unlike most of the other states on this list, the economy’s actually fairly decent here… and growing fast. In fact, if you’re looking to invest, you might even want to take advantage of the real estate market.

1). Mississippi 

Mississippi River, Natchez, MS

There’s a reason people say “thank God for Mississippi!” Because no matter how bad your state is, at least it isn’t Mississippi! But Mississippi gets the last laugh this time because it is the cheapest state! The median home value is just $124,000, and everything else from electric bills, to food is pretty dirt cheap too. Except weddings, those are actually pretty price here with an average cost of $28,000, but the good news is it’s one of the worst states for dating, so you probably won’t be getting married here anyway.

But before you move to any of these states, keep in mind that most of them are also some of the worst states. So make sure you check out our Top 10 Worst States List to see why moving might not be such a good idea after all.

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