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Earth Day Activities To Celebrate and Make Change On Earth Day

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Earth Day is April 22. BE A PART OF THE CHANGE

Earth Day was founded by Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson as a national day to recognize how a consumptive way of life was polluting the air, earth and water. The first Earth Day, was held on April 22, 1970.

This has long been a day where we reflect on our personal actions and make changes in our methods and ways so that together, all these actions make a big difference to creating sustainable living on the earth for generations to come. If anything, I hope the effect is that more actions and deeds are done by  the people staying at home. 

Many important environmental events have happened on Earth Day since 1970, including the recent signing of the Paris Agreement, as Earth Day continues to be a momentous and unifying day each and every year.

Earth Week Will Also See Multiple Days Of Climate Action 

On Earth Day, April 22, global activists, international leaders, and influencers will come together for the second-annual multi-hour Earth Day Live. 

From the press release:

“EARTHDAY.ORG along with lead organizers Education International, Hip Hop Caucus, and Earth Uprising are organizing three separate parallel climate action summits on April 20 and 21 ahead of the Biden Administration’s global leaders’ climate summit. The parallel summits are focused respectively on climate literacy, environmental justice, and a broad range of youth-led climate-focused issues. Earth Week will also bring thousands of groups and millions of voices together to stand up for climate action and bring awareness to humanity’s greatest existential threat. On Earth Day, EARTHDAY.ORG will bring together its partners, activists, educators, researchers, musicians, artists, influencers and more for its second-annual Earth Day Live”.

What can you do to celebrate Earth Day at home?

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Here are 3 easy-peasy activities for you ‘To Do’:

  1. Pick up garbage. Walk your street, the park, your ditch – anywhere! Bring a garbage bag(s), wear gloves and get cleaning! Remember to keep social distance rules in place AND if you find anything suspect, like a syringe, do not pick it up, call your city or municipality for them to clean it up safely. Be sure to separate garbage and recycling. The other obvious thing to do here for some people is, stop leaving garbage where it doesn’t belong. 
  2. Backyard birding. Grab a seat, sit quietly and watch and count the birds around you and your home. Check out this Birding Bingo card from the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre! Click on the image a printable copy.
    Wye Marsh Birding Bingo Card

    Click the image for large copy.


  3.  Check out the Earth’s Own Challenge on Instagram and help fight climate change with delicious plant-based ingredients and dishes.

  4. Take a virtual tour and learn something new about the planet and the life on it. Many museums have posted virtual tours and programming on their website or social media for you to enjoy from home.

    Science North – Jenn Learns Stuff series on Facebook

Canadian Museum of Nature – Things To Do at Home

ROM – Online Earth Day Content: Learn What You Can Do To Help Migratory Birds

MacLaren Art Center – Virtual Sean George Exhibition

Whatever you do, thank you for doing it. It benefits everyone here today AND tomorrow.

Let us know what you do, feel free to share using the hashtag #ToDoEarthDay and inspire others ‘To Do’ the same!

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“And I’m helping you on the soul planet
And you’re helping me on the soul planet
And the animals and trees on the soul planet
They’re all you and me on the soul planet
There’s a slow stream of power on the soul planet
And the power is love on the soul planet
And the wind is music on the soul planet
Screaming through space, we’re screaming through space”

lyrics from Soul Planet, Phish

Looking for more things To Do? Check out the events calendar and find something fun near you to do. 

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