Bicycle path through the water

The bicycle path named Cycling through Water, built in De Wijers nature park with the initiative of Visit Limburg, gives bicycle lovers an unforgettable experience.

Various projects are implemented in different parts of the world that will increase the safety and pleasure of cycling. Such projects were the solar powered bicycle path illuminated by a bright blue light in Poland at night, the bicycle highway in Paris, the bicycle seismograph measuring the roughness to make Berlin roads suitable for cyclists, and the world’s largest indoor bicycle parking lot opened in Utrecht. Cycling through Water, which was launched in Belgium, offers the kind of experience that many cycling enthusiasts would like to experience.

Bicycle path through the water5

Cycling through Water, located in Limburg, Belgium, opened in 2016. As you go through this bridge, which is a continuation of the cycle path network, you pedal on a ground buried in the water. When you turn your head, you see that you are at the same eye level as the ducks. This 212-meter unique trail was built as part of Bokrijk, Belgium’s largest open-air museum, in the nature park of De Wijers, with the initiative of Limburg’s tourist information center, Visit Limburg. So, cyclists can enjoy not only water but also green. This innovative project, which aims to preserve the attractiveness of the region, carries the signature of the architectural firm Lens ° Ass Architecten.

Cycling through Water has hosted more than 500 thousand tourists since its opening. In 2018, Time magazine added this bike path to the map, where it compiled the 100 most beautiful places in the world.

Bicycle path through the water5
Bicycle path through the water5

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